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Shell upgrades monitoring service

LubeMonitor “transformed” for digital era says lubricant manufacturer

Shell Marine has added enhancements to its LubeMonitor service to provide comprehensive engine monitoring. By accessing a wider range of technical and operational insights, Shell LubeMonitor aims to enable users to better understand their ship’s engine performance, ensure it is operating in line with OEM recommendations and ultimately, help reduce maintenance costs.

December 19, 2021

According to Shell, while its features have become more sophisticated, the service’s user interface and reports are now simpler to use.


Shell says enhanced fleet and vessel insights allow users to compare vessels from fleet level all the way down to its cylinders in an easy-to-read manner for use by both on- and off-shore users.


The package includes a step-by-step guide for on-board engineers which can help standardise the inspection process and a comprehensive engine inspection feature which allows inclusion of recorded measurements of piston ring clearance, piston ring coating and liner wear. All data can be stored and organised with the photos captured, so users can come back to them at any point in time.


LubeMonitor has been integrated with the Shell LubeAnalyst oil condition monitoring service, allowing comparison of all oil analysis results for an engine. The service can be accessed through the Internet, iOS and Android operating systems and also an offline logbook that is not dependent on connectivity at sea.


Gareth Lowe, Technical Product Manager for LubeMonitor at Shell Marine said: “Our goal goes beyond just making the programme an easy-to-use central data repository. By surfacing relevant information from onboard data, running parameters, lab data and inspection photo’s all from within LubeMonitor, we can start to deliver vital insights. This provides customers with a comprehensive picture of their engine’s health, and they can then use this information to make informed decisions on feed rates and maintenance schedules, which can help maintain optimal engine performance and lower operating costs.”

“Unnecessary” oil changes
ExxonMobil says its data shows that many operators of high-speed engine vessels are not managing their engine’s lubrication as efficiently as they could. Up to 75% change their engine oil in line with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations, but according to Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis data the majority may not actually require an oil change at the time.


According to the company, the data indicates that up to two thirds of high-speed engine vessel operators are “missing out on a variety of potential benefits from oil drain optimisation, including reduced lubricant expenditure and minimised used oil disposal costs”.


“Operators who are not optimising their oil drain intervals are forgoing a range of benefits,” said Yannis Chatzakis, Global Field Engineering Services, Director, ExxonMobil. “In order to help address this problem, we have developed the Mobil Serv Oil Drain Optimization Program, a bespoke offer designed to meet the individual needs of vessel operators. It includes oil monitoring, which has the potential to improve engine reliability and a related reduction in avoidable maintenance.”


Sindo Ferry, the largest ferry operator in Singapore, recently explored oil drain optimisation with ExxonMobil. The aim was to reduce expenditure without compromising reliability. According to ExxonMobil, the programme “far exceeded its original cost-cutting objective, delivering multiple benefits, including: oil drain intervals more than doubled; operating cost came down by 30% to
46% per engine and an estimated savings of 59% on oil- and filters-related operating costs.

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