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Rotor Sail deal

Wärtsilä to incorporate wind power into its propulsion range

Technology group Wärtsilä is to integrate UK-based Anemoi Marine Technologies’ Rotor Sails into its propulsion business.

Wärtsilä will include Anemoi Marine Technologies Rotor Sails as part of its propulsion offering. ©Anemoi Marine Technologies
Wärtsilä will include Anemoi Marine Technologies Rotor Sails as part of its propulsion offering. ©Anemoi Marine Technologies

By offering wind power solutions as an integral part of its propulsion offering, Wärtsilä says that will be able to assist owners comply with the IMO’s Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI).


The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding and a licence and cooperation agreement covering future sales and servicing of Rotor Sail solutions
to the shipping industry.


Wärtsilä says the move will boost its efforts to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The collaboration will enable the adoption of wind assisted solutions for most marine vessel types, with the immediate focus likely to be on dry and wet bulk vessels. Wärtsilä will promote the solution for both newbuild projects and for retrofitting to existing ships.


Rotor Sails, or Flettner Rotors, are vertical cylinders which, when driven to rotate, harness the renewable power of the wind to propel ships. According to Wärtsilä: “These highly efficient mechanical sails capitalise on the aerodynamic phenomenon known as the Magnus Effect to provide additional thrust to vessels and deliver significant fuel and emission savings.”

“Our patented designs overcome operational constraints such as air draft and cargo handling, making the technology suitable for the majority of shipping sectors. As the industry focuses on emission reduction targets and energy saving, we are collaborating with Wärtsilä to strengthen our offering and facilitate the global uptake of our Rotor Sails by offering clients a full end-to-end solution including sales, supply and lifecycle support,” says Kim Diederichsen, CEO of Anemoi Marine Technologies


Nippon Paint adds Xship system

Nippon Paint Marine has added the XSHIP Performance tool to its in-house KP Analysis fuel saving system.


KP Analysis has been available for verifying the fuel and power saving of Nippon Paint’s low-friction LF-Sea antifouling range since 2006. However, the introduction of the ISO 19030 standard in 2016 has been widely accepted by the industry as a means of verifying the performance of hull coatings, leading Nippon Paint to adopt the ISO 19030-compliant XSHIP methodology.

Bill Phua, Nippon Paint Marine Managing Director, Singapore, said: “Our enhanced hull performance measurement software enables the shipowner to have a continuous evaluation of the interaction between a vessel’s hull and propeller. We can provide more precise data on how the hull coating is affecting speed loss, fuel efficiency and emissions.


“Dependent on the coating applied, ship operators can benefit from significant fuel savings, but these annual savings reduce over time due to hull and propeller fouling. Vessel performance monitoring between two drydock intervals can help maximise the coating efficiency and, as a result, lower fuel consumption and emissions.”


The XSHIP software generates real-time management reports, weather reports and performance assessments.


Singapore-headquartered shipowner Berge Bulk Maritime is using low-friction A-LF Sea coating for its fleet of bulk carriers.


“A monitoring system compliant with the ISO 19030 standard was a key factor in Berge Bulk Maritime’s decision to apply A-LF Sea hull coating as part of its current drydocking programme,” said Nippon Paint Marine Director John Drew.

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