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Techfast to buy bunker barge

Malaysia-based components manufacturing group Techfast Holdings is expanding into bunkering activities and has been contracted, under two separate agreements, to supply up to 50,000 tonnes of bunker fuel to Singapore-based Wise Marine.

Techfast also plans to buy acquire a bunker barge for supplying at Port Klang.

Deliveries commenced in April, with a supply of 10,000 tonnes according to Techfast.


“Our volume of marine oil fuels supplied has been limited by the availability of bunkering vessels,” Techfast executive director Vincent Tan Wye Chuan said in a statement

“Hence, we have decided to enter into a strategic joint venture, whereby Techfast will fund the purchase of a bunkering vessel to increase our capacity to handle larger supply volumes.”


“With the new vessel, we are able to expand the group’s supply capacity and deliver marine fuels of up to 50,000 tonnes per month to Wise Marine. This will enable us to secure a larger share of the oil bunkering market in Port Klang, enhancing our revenue streams,” said Tan.

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