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Teekay will now be able to access deeper insights into fleetwide engine health and performance with ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT
Teekay will now be able to access deeper insights into fleetwide engine health and performance with ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT

Focusing on carbon emissions

Two new products offer shipowners help to monitor CO2 emissions

Shipbroker IFCHOR and carbon market specialist ClearBlue Markets have partnered to offer carbon emissions advisory services to the shipping industry. In another development, Teekay is to use ABB Ability Tekomar XPERT including new CO2 emissions indicator software on its fleet of 54 suezmax and aframax tankers.

Sample BunkerPlanner dashboard showing bunker prices and port call cost for bunkering at anchor at Skagen, Denmark. / Photo: BunkerMetric
Sample BunkerPlanner dashboard showing bunker prices and port call cost for bunkering at anchor at Skagen, Denmark. / Photo: BunkerMetric

IFCHOR and ClearBlue Markets say that the new service, IFCHOR ClearBlue Oceans, will help clients navigate changing legislation, source high quality emissions offsets as well as structure and execute carbon offset projects or transactions.


The new service is said to be a response to the growing number of requests for shipowners and operators to offset their direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through voluntary carbon standards. The movement of global trade by sea accounts for around 3% of global anthropogenic GHG emissions.


Trifon Tsentides, Director of Business Development at IFCHOR said: “The combined strengths of a shipbroker and renowned carbon market specialist will help shipowners and charterers alike navigate their way through the complexities of carbon offsetting. From creating plans and strategies, to executing and registering trades, we are providing clients with a complete set of actionable tools to reduce their operational carbon footprint. With emissions from shipping looking likely to fall under mandatory carbon pricing regimes in the future, voluntary pledges allow emitters to build their experience of the carbon markets and make a positive difference from today.”


ClearBlue Markets director Nicolas Girod, Director of Markets added: “Carbon offset markets have matured significantly since their inception over two decades ago. Today carbon emitters can purchase credits which enable investments in projects which make an impact, confident in the knowledge that these initiatives are independently verified, traceable and that they will meet their stakeholders’ expectations. Today, the cost of offsetting emissions is far below the cost of abating emissions in the shipping sector. As such, it offers participants the chance to plan in more longer-term direct emissions reductions while charting a climate conscious course today.”


Meanwhile Teekay is deploying ABB Turbocharging’s engine diagnostics software to deliver deeper insights at fleet level.


Teekay will roll out Tekomar XPERT for its fleet, including the software’s new CO2 emissions indicator. The company has used Tekomar XPERT to monitor its vessels engines since 2015, but should now be able to access deeper insights into fleet-wide engine health and performance as well as at-a-glance CO2 emissions data.


While Tekomar XPERT monitors the engines on an individual vessel to deliver diagnostics and advisory, Tekomar XPERT for fleet includes a management tool which enables benchmarking across the fleet, highlighting further opportunities for optimizing engine operations. The company will be able to access data, including fleet wide engine health and annual CO2 emission savings potential, through the Tekomar Fleet Portal. Information will also be integrated into Teekay’s Vessel Balanced Scorecard, a proprietary tool that collects data generated by operations systems into a daily digital dashboard for each vessel.


Monitoring bunker call costs
Bunker software supplier BunkerMetric is integrating its BunkerPlanner application with Inchcape’s World of Ports (WoP) service to “source accurate and constantly updated data on bunkering-related port call costs”.


The company says that choosing the right bunkering port has a huge impact on the Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) of a voyage. It adds: “Operators making the right call can easily improve the TCE by hundreds of dollars per day, or tens of thousands of dollars per voyage. BunkerPlanner generates a bespoke bunkering plan for each vessel and voyage based on the latest available schedule and prices, typically pulled through integration with the client’s Voyage Management System (VMS) and now supplemented with data from Inchcape.”

The move will mean the software also takes up-to-date port call, anchorage, barging and other costs into consideration, enabling operators to choose the right bunkering ports from multiple bunkering scenarios without worrying about unexpected outlays.


“Choosing a bunkering port is sometimes simplified into a choice of the lowest dollar per tonne. But to truly improve voyage TCE you need to look more holistically at the implied costs of bunkering. Is it induced, how long is the deviation, and how much is the port call cost? Vlissingen may be 15 dollars per tonne lower than Skaw, but the anchorage cost can easily be 10,000 dollars higher at Vlissingen, cancelling that benefit. By including World of Ports port call data, we are significantly adding to the value of BunkerPlanner for our clients,” said BunkerMetric CEO and co-founder Christian Plum.


Jeff Clark, Head of WoP at Inchcape, says: “By leveraging Inchcape’s global network combined with the Port Cost Estimator module in WoP, we can provide a data feed to BunkerPlanner allowing their users to access voyage-critical port cost data through one dashboard, instantly.”

Fuel quality alert service
The Swedish Club’s Trade Enabling Loss Prevention tool (TELP) now provides the P&I club’s members with targeted Bunker Alerts, warning vessels headed for port of any fuel quality issues that have been reported in the area.


The Swedish Club has partnered with bunker fuel testing company VPS, to provide this new service, which is free of charge to members of The Swedish Club.


Peter Stålberg, Senior Technical Advisor, explains: “It’s really all about following best practice, and optimum loss prevention processes. A vessel heading for a port known to have fuel quality concerns needs to be extra vigilant. Receiving advance warning of potential issues with fuel quality really puts the spotlight on the importance of good sampling routines.


“TELP is an intelligent system,” says Stålberg. “We deliver information only when relevant and timely to the vessel’s current voyage pattern. This avoids the danger of information overkill, and coupled with the other personalised services we are able to deliver to members during a voyage – information on dangerous hotspots, correspondents’ updates on local issues, and advice on COVID-19 restrictions – we are really seeing TELP coming into its own as a major force in the drive to improve loss prevention.”


ONE expands use StormGeo
Container ship operator Ocean Network Express (ONE) is increasing its use of StormGeo’s weather intelligence, ship routing and fleet performance management services. ONE vessels now have StormGeo s-Planner BVS installed, which utilises frequent, accurate forecast information to ensure avoidance of potentially damaging sea conditions. ONE’s onshore staff also have access to StormGeo’s s-Insight web platform, giving instant visibility of the location and performance of their entire fleet.


Sachin Sirsikar, General Manager Global Vessel Operations of ONE said, “StormGeo’s products and services are an essential part of our onboard and onshore operations. Having access to weather forecasts specific to our voyages helps us manage our strict ETAs with a focus on safety and fuel efficiency. In a time of digitalization and sustainability within shipping, we are proud to partner with a company who prioritizes these values as much as we do.”

Bunker barge alongside a containership at the Port of Rotterdam. Including port call cost data from Inchcape will support BunkerPlanner users in decision making on where to bunker their vessels taking both bunker prices and port costs into account. / Photo: Inchcape

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