Pushing LNG in NA

SEA-LNG adds major US company

December 6, 2023

Multi-sector industry coalition SEA-LNG, established to demonstrate the benefits of the LNG pathway for shipping’s decarbonisation, has added Seaside LNG, the LNG production and maritime transportation logistics providers based in Houston, Texas, to its membership.

SEA-LNG says Seaside LNG is the only company with integrated shoreside liquefication, LNG storage, and bunkering capabilities in North America. It adds: “The company maintains the largest fleet of Jones Act-compliant LNG barges in North America and has successfully performed more than 400 safe LNG transfers.  Seaside LNG will further enhance the coalition’s collective expertise with their valuable supply, infrastructure and safety experience.”

Scaling up alternative fuel supply and developing the required infrastructure is key to the success of the shipping industry’s decarbonisation transition, with collaboration highlighted as central to success, according to SEA-LNG.

Peter Keller, Chairman of SEA-LNG, commented: “Green fuel solutions will not arrive in a big-bang process, instead we will see the incremental decarbonisation of existing assets as fuel production, transportation, storage and bunkering infrastructure and engine technologies develop. In Seaside LNG, we have another valuable member to help us continue to evolve and progress the LNG pathway to decarbonisation. We are very pleased to welcome the Seaside team onboard.”

SEA-LNG stresses that existing LNG infrastructure can transport, store and deliver bio-LNG, as well as renewable synthetic e-LNG. Fuels can be blended with fossil LNG or used as a drop-in fuel for LNG-fuelled vessels to reduce emissions further without any additional investment in vessel or infrastructure modifications.

In a statement the group says: “While the recent industry discussions of infrastructure and the introduction of these green fuels are important, we must not overlook existing local emissions benefits. Local emissions are another major environmental concern around the world.  LNG is the only scalable marine fuel available today that significantly reduces carbon emissions, and it also tackles local emissions.”

Casey concluded: “We are proud to join SEA-LNG because LNG in place of traditional fuel delivers substantial environmental and public health benefits – dramatically lowering emissions of NOx, SOx, CO2 and particulate matter.”

Chinese LNG bunkering

Pavilion Energy and CNOOC Gas and Power Group say they have successfully concluded their inaugural Ship-to-Ship (STS) LNG bunkering operation to the Maran Dione, Maran Tankers Management (MTM)’s new-built dual-fuel (DF) very large crude carrier (VLCC), in China. MTM, the oil tanker shipping arm of the Angelicoussis Group, recently welcomed this vessel as the fourth and newest DF VLCC in its fleet.

The VLCC received approximately 2,800 tonnes of LNG from CNOOC’s barge Hai Yang Shi You 301 at the Guangzhou Port.

This latest bunkering operation is said to mark a milestone for both Pavilion Energy and CNOOC, after both parties signed a Heads of Agreement in November last year together with another partner, Gasum, to strengthen the global LNG bunker supply network for customers.

The companies say that the success of this operation potentially opens doors for more bulk carriers and product tankers to conduct LNG bunkering operations at the anchorage in Chinese ports.

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