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New ro-ro design concept based entirely on compressed hydrogen as fuel

Naval architects Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design has unveiled a new design with 100% hydrogen propulsion. Classification society RINA has awarded the concept Approval in Principle based on its recently published Rules for Hydrogen Fuelled Ships and the RINA Guide for the Approval in Principle of Novel Technologies.

December 10, 2022

The design concept is the ACD01 1000 ro-ro vessel which has electric propulsion machinery using highly compressed H2 as fuel.

Aurelia says the compressed hydrogen generates no environmentally harmful emissions. The hybrid propulsion is based on battery and fuel cell power modules. The batteries provide auxiliary power for the vessel in port.

Ton Bos, partner, and co-founder of Aurelia commented: “The world of zero emissions is a pioneering world open to new opportunities, which to some extent reminds me of the first operations in the heavy lift sector, where there was also no experience yet. In this sense, the cooperation with RINA is a strong signal that the maritime world is ready to work together for clean shipping.”


“This cooperation gives us the opportunity to tune the recently published rules for Hydrogen, to focus on new technical challenges as well as to verify the technology readiness level of the components and systems used for the storage, supply and bunkering of hydrogen. The commitment of the persons involved is high and this will bring realistic achievements”, said Patrizio Di Francesco, EMEA Special Projects Manager at RINA.

Raffaele Frontera, founding partner of Aurelia Green Concept Design, said: “This new design for a compressed hydrogen ro-ro is part of a long-term cooperation between Aurelia and RINA in which we will develop liquefied hydrogen propulsion system that could be used for heavy lift, cruise and ro-pax vessels. This cooperation with RINA will ensure that the design of renewable ships becomes a reality and does not remain a distant dream. From Aurelia we are synergising with RINA to achieve this out of the box design concept, we think big, we think about the future, we think about safety and our planet.”

Hydrogen fuel cell test facility


Major marine battery systems provider Corvus Energy has opened a test area for hydrogen fuel cells at its production site in Bergen, Norway. The development is part of the H2NOR project being undertaken by a consortium including Corvus Energy, Toyota, Equinor, Norled Wilhelmsen, LMG, USN, Maritime Cleantech and other supporting partners.


In March the project received Approval in Principle from DNV and the test area will be an important part of the prototype testing and validation.


Thor Humerfelt, Senior Vice President Product Architect of Corvus Energy explained: “Batteries and fuel cells are complementary products, and they need to work together in order to achieve optimal efficiency and extended lifetime. We will test multiple combinations of batteries and fuel cells for various operational profiles, and this is why the test site is so unique and important. In the end, we will have a system that will give recommendations for the vessel’s crew on the most optimal operation.”


Corvus CEO Geir Bjørkeli said: “The interest in hydrogen as a marine fuel is increasing significantly. A dedicated marine and optimized hydrogen fuel cell solution is a vital step toward the decarbonization of shipping. Being able to test both battery and fuel cell systems together and make them work in perfect harmony will potentially revolutionize the global maritime industry.”

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