The Corvus BOB has a standard ISO Container footprint


Batteries in a box Containerised battery room awarded type approval.

September 5, 2023

Energy storage systems provider Corvus Energy’s BOB (Battery-On-Board) system has received Type Approval from DNV. Corvus says its BOB is a standardised, plug-and-play battery room solution available in 10-foot and 20-foot ISO high-cube container sizes and is designed for easy integration with existing ship systems.

The A60 battery room container comes with batteries, a battery management system (BMS), HVAC, Thermal Runaway Exhaust, in addition to firefighting and detection systems.

According to Corvus, BOB provides a safe, compact, and space-efficient solution for housing batteries on board a ship, either on deck or below deck. Multiple containers can be combined to create larger energy storage capacities, providing scalability based on the ship’s energy requirements. It also integrates with all power management systems. Corvus says that this flexibility makes it easier to adapt the system to different ship sizes and power demands.

The standard shipping container dimensions are intended to make transport less complex and more predictable, as it provides easy storing, stacking and installation. Corvus says that off-hire and installation time can be significantly reduced as the battery room is fully tested before it arrives at the shipyard.

Corvus’s Chief Commercial Officer Halvard Hauso asserts: “Ship integrators, yards and owners want to minimise interfaces and potential complications onboard. With a pre-approved battery room solution, you ease the classification process, you have limited interfaces, and all surrounding structures and systems can be prepared prior to delivery. We believe containerised solutions will be an important part of the ongoing transition towards cleaner and more sustainable maritime transportation due to scalability and the ability for new business models like “power-by-the-hour” and leasing options.

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