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Biofuel use grows. An increasing number of successful biofuel bunkering operations are being reported worldwide.

September 1, 2023

Among numerous reports of biofuel bunkering stems around the globe, Banle Energy has carried out its first such operation in Hong Kong. The CBL International subsidiary partnered with ASB Biodiesel (Hong Kong) Seven Seas Oil (Hong Kong) to deliver its first B24 biofuel stem in early July.  Inspection and testing company Saybolt monitored the process to ensure both quality and quantity.

A Banle Energy statement said: “In line with our direction focusing on ESG, we are committed to promote biofuel, an ESG related product, in an effort to reduce GHG emissions.”

The company’s Chief Executive Officer and Chairman,  Teck Lim Chia said: “B24 biofuel bunkering operation in Hong Kong is a significant step forward for our contribution of environmental sustainability and for the shipping industry’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. This sets the stage for the Hong Kong bunkering industry to use biofuels to play its part for decarbonisation.”

Meanwhile shortsea ro-ro specialist United European Car Carriers (UECC) has completed the delivery of “sustainable biofuel” in the port of Vlissingen, in collaboration with Dutch biofuel provider GoodFuels and vessel owner NYK. This was the first time a UECC time-chartered vessel, the Emerald Leader, has been bunkered with biofuel.

UECC says: “The successful biofuel bunkering operation was made possible through the close partnership between UECC, GoodFuels, and NYK.”

GoodFuels’ biofuel is said to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to conventional fossil fuels and is sourced from renewable and sustainable feedstocks that are certified as 100% waste or residue. These sources do not compete with food production or cause deforestation.

“This momentous delivery of next-generation biofuel represents another significant step forward in our sustainability journey,” said Mr. Daniel Gent, Energy and Sustainability Manager for UECC. “We are proud to partner with GoodFuels and NYK to bring this innovative and environmentally friendly solution to our customers. By bunkering biofuel for the first time on a UECC time-chartered vessel, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and providing cleaner transportation options.”

The utilisation of advanced sustainable biofuel on the Emerald Leader, which operates on UECC’s North South Trade, connecting the Eastern Mediterranean with Northern Europe, is expected to significantly reduce the carbon intensity of UECC’s operations.

In another ‘first’, ExxonMobil successfully completed a commercial marine biofuel oil bunkering in the port of Singapore in April 2023. Evergreen Line’s vessel, The Ever Ulysses, received ExxonMobil’s marine biofuel oil blend via a ship-to-ship transfer in Singapore waters before heading to the discharge port.

The biofuel used was a combination of a conventional 0.50% sulphur fuel with up to 25% waste-based fatty acid methyl esters (FAME). The resulting blend meets ISO 8217:2017,1 apart from FAME content, which complies with EN 14214.2 ExxonMobil is already supplying marine biofuel oil in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) region and Singapore, supporting the marine industry’s commitment to reducing GHG emissions.

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