Goodfuels bunkers AIDAprima with 100% biofuel. ©Goodfuels

Cruising along

The use of biofuels is increasing and technology is being developed to meet the specific requirements of this new fuel

Netherlands-based biofuels provider GoodFuels delivered 140 tonnes of 100% biofuel to the cruise ship AIDAprima in December 2022 during its 8th December port call to Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

March 5, 2023

GoodFuels says: “This first bunkering of 100% biofuels for AIDAprima marks another important step forward to achieving sustainability and decarbonisation in the cruise industry.”


GoodFuels’ next-generation sustainable biofuel is derived from feedstocks that are certified as 100% waste or residue, including processed used cooking oil, tallow, and animal waste fats. It enables a well-to-exhaust CO2 reduction of 80% to 90% when compared to fossil fuels. The AIDAprima was bunkered with biofuel without requiring any modifications to the engine or fuel tanks.


The company added: “The vessel was refuelled with a 100% biofuel product, without blending with conventional marine fuels, proving the viability and technical applicability of sustainable marine biofuel for all types of vessels.


The vessel is operated by Carnival Corporation’s AIDA Cruises brand, and the delivery of 100% biofuel builds on experience gained in July 2022, when AIDAprima was bunkered with a blend of biofuel and conventional marine fuels.


Commenting on the partnership, Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of GoodFuels, said: “This bio-bunkering with AIDA Cruises comes as yet another big step forward on the cruise sector’s decarbonisation pathway. It builds on the collaboration and partnership we are enjoying with AIDA Cruises and the wider Carnival group, and once again proves that our sustainable biofuels are an immediately available sustainability solution for a range of segments in the global fleet.”


“The team at GoodFuels is focused on delivering immediate impact, and we are pleased to be able to continue to work with the pioneers at AIDA Cruises to see 100% biofuel used in operations to help deliver more sustainable voyages.”

Biofuel-ready separators


Technology group Alfa Laval says its high-speed separators are now compatible with HVO (EN15940) and with FAME (EN14214 or ASTM D6751) blends comprising residual fuel and/or distillate.


The company notes that biofuels are a current and accessible fuel option that can help marine customers decarbonize. But it adds, while biofuels reduce CO2 footprint, they also pose new operational challenges. Alfa Laval claims it is first in the market to address them with biofuel-optimised separators and separator upgrades.


Alfa Laval says that biofuels like HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) and FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) can be used by diesel engines without major engine modifications. They can be a carbon-neutral alternative if produced from the right biomass but, cautions Alfa Laval, they must still be cleaned effectively to prevent performance issues and expensive engine wear.


The company explains that biofuels are already in widespread use, and ISO is looking to incorporate them into the upcoming revision of ISO 8217. Nevertheless, they can be prepared in various ways and differ widely in their characteristics – both from conventional fuels and from each other. Because of differences in density, moisture absorption and more, they demand additional care when it comes to fuel storage and treatment, Alfa Laval says.


“To ensure optimal biofuel separation”, Alfa Laval says it has modified both internal bowl components and the separator software. This makes setting up for HVO, FAME blends or conventional fuels a simple parameter change. Incorporated into new Alfa Laval separators for purchase, the developments are also available as upgrades for existing separators.

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