Major survey looks into need for bunker licensing

IBIA, supported by BIMCO, launch survey to assess industry views on licensing and Mass Flow Meters as tools to improve transparency in the marine fuel sector

The need for more transparency in the bunker industry is an ongoing theme of discussion and dialogue among relevant stakeholders. In particular, the bunker industry’s record for disputes over the quantity and quality of fuels supplied to ships calls for even greater focus in order to improve this record and enhance the industry’s reputation and reliability. 

February 8, 2022

In a bid to address this and contribute meaningfully, IBIA has stated its ambition to actively work for effective bunker licensing schemes, preferably introducing mandatory massflow meters (MFM), to be implemented in bunker hubs around the world. This would, we believe, improve market conditions by reducing the scope for malpractice and create a more transparent and level-playing field in the marine fuel sector.


Does the industry agree? This is what the survey aims to establish.


During 2021, we formed the IBIA Bunker Licensing & MFM Working Group (WG) to drive forward the work in identifying key elements of bunker licensing programs, chaired with great skill by Alexander Prokopakis, the CEO of probunkers. In addition to IBIA members, BIMCO has taken part in this working group and supports this initiative.


This WG has put together a carefully crafted survey to identify industry experiences with quantity and quality issues, and assess opinions among industry stakeholders about the impact of introducing bunker licensing programmes and MFMs.

We are now looking for wide industry participation to get a clear picture. The survey will take approximately 7-10 minutes to complete. All responses will be treated in confidence.


Below is a QR Code and link that will take you to the survey, or you can find it online on IBIA’s and BIMCO’s websites.


We urge you to take part in our Bunker Licensing and Mass Flow Meter survey!

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