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The Momjasa fleet includes the Monjasa Sprinter - ©Monjasa


New move expands access to price and availability data

Global oil and shipping group Monjasa has formed a data partnership with maritime technology company ZeroNorth that makes Monjasa’s bunker market information available in Optimise, ZeroNorth’s vessel optimisation platform.

October 26, 2021

Optimise users will now be able to access data from Monjasa spanning bunker prices and availability of the most common fuel grades at key bunkering hubs such as Singapore, Rotterdam, Houston and Fujairah and also smaller or more regional trading ports.


Monjasa’s data covers the current market price of the most commonly applied marine fuels. The partnership will also mean that Optimise will be able to access Monjasa’s view of fuel availability in a range of locations.


Monjasa operates as a physical supplier or trading partner in nearly 700 ports worldwide. Optimise says it will interpret Monjasa’s data together with a range of other information – both from users and from third parties – to make its recommendations on speed, route and when, where and what to bunker. The software provides a clear indication of the upsides of any decision in both dollars and CO2.


Monjasa’s bunker market indications are calculated on the basis of trading intelligence data, coupled with factors such as local market conditions, specific delivery premiums and barge availability.


Biofuels guidance
In an initiative aimed at supporting “the safe and proper use of biofuels on board”, Japanese classification society ClassNK has published “Handling the use of biofuels on ships” on its website. It outlines the characteristics of biofuels, the procedures required for their trial and permanent use, and the precautions and measures to be taken in their handling.


The publication is a technical one, but ClassNK does appear to support the use of biofuels, noting: “The use of biofuels is emerging as an environmentally friendly fuel available at present.” It adds that biofuels are “generally considered ‘carbon neutral’ because source plants at their growing process are likely to absorb CO2 emitted from combustion”. In fact, the use of biofuels is controversial and opposed by some environmental groups. Biofuel production pathways vary and may be at odds with sustainability principles, depending on the source of material.

Meanwhile, ClassNK Consulting Service (NKCS) has launched an EEXI compliance support service for shipping companies. NKCS says it offers a full range of support, from proposing and providing the best solution for compliance with IMO’s Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) regulation, to developing the required documents and obtaining the IEE certificate.

Meeting scrubber guidelines
A new guide from water monitoring specialist Rivertrace examines the controversial subject of wastewater discharges and their potential environmental impact. The guide covers the MARPOL regulations controlling discharges from exhaust gas cleaning systems, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system bleed off, bilge water treatment and tank washing systems.

New IMO guidelines for scrubbers were formulated in February 2020, but restricted time at virtual meetings held in November 2020 (MEPC 75) and June 2021 (MEPC 76) meant that the subject was dropped at both meetings. The guide examines current regulations in detail while anticipating these and other future guidelines on water quality and monitoring for scrubbers and EGR. It also covers regulations on monitoring oil content in bilge water and from tank washing systems in tankers, including a section on the science behind monitoring and the various methods employed in modern monitoring systems.

Mike Coomber of Rivertrace said: “Regulation around monitoring is a hot topic in the shipping industry. Although IMO has found it necessary to concentrate on other issues at the present time, the controversy around exhaust gas cleaning is not going away and we anticipate more national and regional authorities taking independent action. This guide will help owners and operators understand the issues and take appropriate action to ensure compliance.”

The guide can be downloaded free of charge at https://hub.rivertrace.com/

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