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New MSAR fuel’s

performance “positive”

Progress on the new MSAR fuel is continuing. In the UK company’s interim result to December 2016 the Executive Chairman of Quadrise Fuels International (QFI), Mike Kirk, says: “The performance of MSAR® on the marine trial vessel has been positive and we expect the recent interim inspection to confirm this. We are now closely engaged with our partners to expedite the interim LONO. This should put us in a good position to progress discussions on commercialisation of MSAR® within the shipping industry.

At the same time, we are defining the scope and plans for the resumption of the trial to achieve a full letter of Non-Objection (LONO) and exploring options to accelerate the timetable for commencement of the combustion trial in Saudi Arabia.”


He added: “Whilst there remain challenges ahead, we strongly

believe that MSAR® continues to provide a compelling economic

and environmental case for adoption by both producers and consumers and continue our efforts with existing clients and the

wider target markets in order to migrate to commercial operations

at the earliest opportunity.”

Prior to the results annuncement Maersk suspended its MSAR trials with one its fleet in March. Mr Kirk commented: “We are clearly disappointed that Maersk will have to suspend the trial for operational reasons that are unrelated to the MSAR operational trial.


However, we are pleased that Maersk has reconfirmed that the

trial to date has been successful and that an interim inspection

will be completed in the spring, as originally scheduled.”

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