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Alfa Laval

expands gas testing facility

In March 2017 Alfa Laval opened an extension to its Test & Training Centrein Aalborg, Denmark for the opening of the expansion into gas testing.

The company says that the expansion, which extends the testing space to five times its original size, makes this the world’s most advanced test centre for environmental and combustion technology – regardless of fuel type.

Since its inauguration in 2014, the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre has been a hub of Alfa Laval research and development in exhaust gas cleaning, ballast water treatment, steam production, fuel cleaning and other key areas. Its original 250 m3 testing space is essentially a full-size machine room on land, equipped with Alfa Laval products that are installed and integrated into major process lines around a 2 MW marine engine.

Now a further 1,100 m3 have been added to focus on combustion technologies for gas and other fuel alternatives. 

Among the new equipment are burner systems, inert gas systems and also the Alfa Laval Gas Combustion Unit (GCU), which is installed at the centre in full scale.

“Our investment in the Alfa Laval Test & Training Centre reflects the extraordinary changes we see in the marine industry,” says Peter Leifland, President of Alfa Laval’s Marine Division. “Tightening emissions legislation is driving many customers from residual fuels towards LNG and other alternatives. As a comprehensive marine supplier, we must be at the cutting edge in supporting our customers, no matter what fuel they choose.”

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