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Rotterdam’s looks to lead in

“energy transition”

Following an exceptionally strong increase in container throughput, of 12.3% by tonnes, in 2017 Port of Rotterdam is looking to invest in infrastructure for alternative fuels.

The port’s CEO Allard Castelein said in a statement: “Our times are characterised by increasingly fast-paced developments in a range of areas.


The only way in which the port of Rotterdam can continue to serve as an important driver of the Dutch economy is through a dedicated and targeted response to these trends, by focusing on the creation of economic and social value for regional and national authorities and establishing itself as a source of employment and as a key player in the general transition toward a new, more sustainable

energy economy.”


He added: “The Port Authority wants to develop the port into the foremost location where the energy transition can take shape.

To realise this ambition, it is following an ‘and-and’ strategy: it not only facilitates existing, fossil-based industrial parties in the reduction of their CO2 footprint; it is also investing heavily in the development of sustainable, circular and bio-based industries and renewable energy. We do this by initiating concrete new activities in close collaboration with the private sector and government agencies. Our programmes focus on a range of areas, including carbon capture and storage, the conversion of waste into ‘green’ methanol, the use of residual heat rather than natural gas as a heating source for homes, greenhouses and businesses, and the facilitation of offshore wind.”

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