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We are gearing up for our next conference just as the industry is gearing up for major changes, IBIA Africa’s Regional Manager Tahra Sergeant reports

South Africa has confirmed that it accepts the use of all types of approved exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS), also known as scrubbers, in its territorial waters until further notice, including open loop systems.


Reprieve for scrubbers

Major study shows washwater compares favourably with water quality standards as installations continue apace


On the move

As John Rickards reports Mauritius is getting closer to achieving its ambition of being a significant bunkering hub

Singapore corruption charge

Bunker clerk charged with attempted bribery



IMO guidelines for 2020 will be finalised at MEPC 74, after which it is up to industry and relevant authorities to follow the advice, says IBIA’s Unni Einemo


Keld R. Demant is Chief Executive Officer of Bunker Holding A/S, one of the world’s largest bunkering companies. Unni Einemo finds out where he sees the company and industry going



Regional Manager Simon Neo reports on the recent gala dinner and changes to the composition of the IBIA Asia Executive Committee known as the ExCo


IBIA’s purpose is to continually support the bunker industry by working closely with all stakeholders, and ensuring good quality information through events and training, says Sofia Konstantopoulou, IBIA’s Global head of Marketing & Events



We hear a lot about the uncertainties caused by the 2020 sulphur limit, but uncertainty is not new and we actually already know quite a lot

Quality issues hit volumes

John Rickards looks back at a difficult year for the region’s bunker suppliers



Lars Robert Pedersen is Deputy Secretary General of BIMCO. Unni Einemo sought his views on the current hot topics

2020 and time charters

Law firm Hill Dickinson has issued advice on the impact of the 2020 sulphur in fuel cap on charter parties


IMO makes progress on methanol

Its CCC5 sub-committee completes drafting of interim guidelines for formal approval by the Maritime Safety Committee in 2020

Getting ready for 2020

Manufacturers offer range of lubricants to prepare for 0.50% sulphur limit

IMO terreace with flags

Imo makes progress on 2020 preparations

Speculation that there may be a delay in implementing the 0.50% sulphur limit has once again been rebuffed, but safety concerns persist. Unni Einemo reports on outcomes from MEPC 73 and MSC 100

Ethane fuel first

Slow-speed marine diesel engine converted to operate on ethane as a fuel


Asia branch expands training reach

Regional manager Tahra Sergeant also notes developments in South Africa’s bunker sectorIBIA Asia has expanded its training activities beyond Singapore in recent months.

Getting on board with bunkers

Eugenia Benavides is one of the few women in the bunker business to have served as an IBIA board member. She speaks to Unni Einemo about her industry experiences and thoughts on what the future holds


Lost in the middle

Three US court judgments go against physical suppliers left unpaid by the OW Bunker collapse

Barking up the wrong tree?

An epidemic of ships experiencing fuel-related problems with seemingly on-spec fuels this year, starting in the US Gulf, has led to feverish speculation about the root causes with many predicting that this is a precursor for worse to come in 2020. 


Headwinds still strong

The ghost of OW Bunker still haunts the sector as another major company hits choppy seas

Changes afoot on the Chinese fuel scene

China’s moves to improve air quality and lower emissions across all sectors are starting to see major developments in shipping and ports


Taking africa towards 2020

IBIA Africa hosts a successful 2020 seminar in Cape Town and engages the industry in facing the new reality, Regional Manager Tahra Sergeant reports


Eugenia Benavides is one of the few women in the bunker business to have served as an IBIA board member. She speaks to Unni Einemo about her industry experiences and thoughts on what the future holds


Developments afoot

Regional manager Tahra Sergeant also notes developments in South Africa’s bunker sector

Caribbean bunkering

We could not have asked for a better partner than the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) to host the inaugural IBIA Caribbean Bunker Conference

IBIA Bunkering Training with Nigel Draffin

Interest grows in LNG

As pressure on the industry to cut polluting emissions increases, more owners are considering going for gas

Up in the cloud

Classification societies and software houses are lining up to offer solutions to the headache of complying with two different fuel use reporting systems

DNV GL: “Oil will still be main marine fuel in 2050”

The end of the world as we know it

The world of bunkers is heading for rapid and fundamental changes, and not just because of the 0,50% sulphur cap in 2020. 

Caribbean Bunkering

We could not have asked for a better partner than the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) to host the inaugural IBIA Caribbean Bunker Conference

IBIA Bunkering Training with Nigel Draffin

Fresh opportunities ahead

Plans are forming for a number of IBIA events throughout 2018 to excite, delight, inform and ignite healthy discussions

Rushing to be ready for 2020

ISO may produce intermediate ISO 8217 specifications prior to 2020, Unni Einemo reports


Focus on energy storage

Offshore sector leads the way in bid to cut energy use

Record number of cruise ship calls at St. Petersburg

During the 2017 navigation season St. Petersburg’s Sea Facade passenger port handled 247 cruise liners and two ferries


Taking cyber security seriously

It may be easy to adopt an ‘it can’t happen to me’ approach to the dangers posed by hackers and malware but when some of the industry’s biggest players take hits it is time to sit up and pay attention

Going for LNG

The coastal states of the Western Med have clearly decided that the future is going to involve a lot of gas, as John Rickards reports

©Jordi Sanchez Teruel Barcelona’s been home to many of the major moves in Spain’s bunker sector of late
©Rob Bertholf The Panama Canal has been keen to push for greener ships, albeit without huge incentives for owners

Going green

The expanded Panama Canal is now looking to reinforce its environmental credentials, John Rickards reports

Singapore cracks down

Having pioneered mandatory use of mass flow meters, the MPA is taking firm action to enforce the rules

Mass Flow Meter used in Singapore
Esben Poulsson giving the keynote speech ©Nigel Draffin


Preparations for 2020, MFMs and ethics fuelled lively debate at our event in the world’s leading bunkering hub, Unni Einemo reports

Focus on energy saving

Our regular round-up of developments in the busy equipment and services scene

Wartsila W6L34DF
Rotterdam is at the forefront of the drive for alternative fuels © Floris Oosterveld

Turning to gas

Preparation for an LNG-heavy future continues apace across northern Europe as infrastructure, bunkering capacity and financial support builds across the region. Meanwhile, investigations are ongoing into a possible bunker cartel, John Rickards reports

Indian Ocean’s rising star

After a three-year flat spell, last year was a bumper one for the Mauritian maritime economy, boosting hopes that the country can become a genuine hub for shipping in the Indian Ocean, reports John Rickards

Port Louis’ bunker trade is a key plank in the country’s export sector ©carrotmadman6
Australia World Bunkering winter 2017

Green pressure on bunkering

The environment has dominated the recent Australian bunker agenda, with different interests trying to offer both the carrot and the stick to ships operating in Australian waters, John Rickards reports

New formulas

Additive producers have come up with new products to reduce soot in economisers, stop low temperature wax formation in distillates and boost the performance of residual fuels

world Bunker winter 2017 fuel additives
world bunkering port of tenerife 2017

The Port of Tenerife offers shipping a sustainable future

Airam Díaz Pastor, Commercial Director of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, outlines the range of services the port offers today and explains his vision for the future

Getting better

A more positive picture for bunkering is starting to emerge in parts of the African markets but there are plenty of challenges ahead

South Africa’s suppliers should benefit from increased port investment
Justine Murphy CEO IBIA


Justin Murphy talks to World Bunkering about his first few months as CEO of IBIA and his plans for taking the Association forward


Ever increasing pressure to address climate change will likely see a growing role for liquid fuels
made from renewable sources. Unni Einemo looks at the sustainability of the alternatives

bio fuels
Lubes oocl Hong kong usues shell lubricants

A busy scene

The lubes manufacturers are busy developing

products that will meet needs of increasingly

complex and diverse market

Interesting times

As 2020 approaches the big players in South East Asia

are preparing for major changes in the regional

marine fuel market

South East Asia MISCs Eagle Virginia

Wind and solar sail
combination progresses

Aquarius Marine Renewable Energy solution will undergo sea trials next year

Fraud case duo jailed

Two Singaporeans sentenced for fraud in US$34 million US Navy corruption scandal


Arctic HFO ban may precede black carbon control measures

Pressure has been mounting to control emissions of black carbon in the high north. An HFO ban may come sooner, reports Unni Einemo

The devil in the detail

2020 could see sharp increase in conflicts caused

by differences between commercial and MARPOL principles for determining sulphur ‘off-specs’.

Unni Einemo looks at the issue

A Challenging market

Times are difficult for Pakistan’s bunker suppliers but the 2020 global sulphur limit may prove a boon to the country’s marine fuel sector. 

Energy storage to
boost propulsion

Chemical tanker’s hybrid propulsions system will

“improve efficiency, reduce exhaust emissions

and lower noise levels”

First quarter flies by at IBIA Asia

The IBIA Asia office had a very busy year in 2016,

and 2017 is shaping up to be another very active year, Regional Manager Simon Neo reports

Eventful period

IBIA has been extraordinarily active at events during the first quarter of 2017 and there is no slowing down as we move into the second quarter

IBIA Africa: Our regional strategy

Regional Manager Tahra Sergeant

reports from the recent AGM

What should we do about CO2?

Dr Tristan Smith has a message: shipping must decarbonise. He talks to Unni Einemo about why

he is so adamant, and what would it take?

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