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world bunkering port of tenerife 2017

The Port of Tenerife offers shipping a sustainable future

Airam Díaz Pastor, Commercial Director of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, outlines the range of services the port offers today and explains his vision for the future

What is you role and vision for the Port of Tenerife? I was appointed Commercial Director of Ports of Tenerife in 2011 and I am currently responsible for all the Port’s commercial and promotional activities, playing these an important role in local economy. Our Port Authority is one of the 28 bodies which make up the Spanish state-owned port system. We manage a total of six ports, among them those located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Granadilla.e and Granadilla.

The Port of Santa Cruz already serves as an important port of call for many shipping lines, as well as a service and repair centre for the offshore industry. 

It also ranks among the top ports in Spain in terms of cruise passengers and also as the only refinery in the area. The many services offered all year round by the port community are highly appreciated by those who know us.


The new Port of Granadilla has recently been partially opened and, once finished, will significantly boost the island’s transshipment capacity. This port will include multi-purpose and logistic areas, as well as a container terminal and a regasification plant. Altogether there will be up to 60 hectares of available space.


Our vision is to use this new capacity to promote the switch to more environmentally friendly types of fuel and increase our importance as a key logistic hub in this area of the Mid-Atlantic.


I understand the port of Tenerife is connected to over 270 ports around the world? What makes Tenerife such a valuable port and location?

There is no doubt that the Canaries in general and Tenerife in particular occupy a strategic location on the major international trade routes. Located halfway between Europe, America and Africa, Tenerife offers a wide range of services for bunkering supply, offshore projects and repairs, containerized and general cargo transshipment and of course for the cruise and tourism industry.




We have witnessed a noticeable growth in the offshore sector over the past few years, with around 15 oil rigs making technical stopovers in 2016 alone. A new shipyard with more than 12,400 square metres of working area and a 150 metre quay was opened recently. Meanwhile the cruise sector continues to show excellent figures. This positive trend made possible the construction of our new cruise terminal, unveiled for 2017-2018 season.


It is important to note as well our growing impact in the container trades. We have seen a year-on-year increase of 15% percent, according to the latest data available as of October 2017.


Our superb port infrastructure, with a draft up to 20 metres in Granadilla, and two container terminals with up to 1,200 m of available quay length in Santa Cruz (to give just two examples), is among the most developed in this region. A skilled workforce is the other ingredient making the perfect environment to do business.


The location of Tenerife is significant, being at the intersection of North-South and East-West trade routes’ How can you take advantage of the potential the passing trade offers?

We want to strengthen the image of Tenerife as a key logistic hub for investors and shipping lines. It’s important to say that even if located only a few hundreds of miles off the west coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are part of the European Union and are fully integrated into EU laws and regulations framework. The Islands also benefit from a special fiscal regime also approved by the European Commission, and enjoys a reduced tax scheme.

The Port of Santa Cruz anchorage area is well sheltered with natural protection, and offers outstanding conditions for bunkering supply.
The Port Authority is also committed to develop the bunkering operations and have approved attractive discounts off the ship tax of up to 40% for bunkering only operations. This discount may be increased up to 75% or even 98% depending on the activity and the certificates (Quality and/or Environment Friendly) provided.


What development plans does the port of Tenerife have to add to the range of services it currently offers?

The opening of the Granadilla port has satisfied a long-standing demand, and we are sure this new infrastructure will fulfil our expectations, as well as meet our customers’ needs. The figures in terms of captive traffic and regular lines are good, but can still be improved. The creation and monitoring of a database of major shipping companies passing through Tenerife, in order to support our regular commercial, marketing and promotion activities, has proved to be one of our most valuable assets in terms of how to take advantage of this potential growth.


There is a move for some ship operators to adapt to ‘new fuels’.
Does Tenerife have any plans to meet these needs?

What will PoT look like in the future?
We always try to adapt to our customers’ demands and those of the market. Our aim is to position our ports as safe suppliers of cleaner energies, and we strongly believe that the steps taken so far are quite positive. The outstanding shipbuilding order book shows a noticeable number of vessels using LNG as fuel for ship propulsion, and we have been working with shipowners and managers alike to start supplying LNG during season 2017-2018, especially to the biggest cruises using Tenerife as port of call or home port.


On the subject of a more environmentally friendly future, increasing of our shore-to-ship power (SSP) provision will reduce noise and pollution in the port area and will allow a better relationship between the city and the port.


Tenerife is used to hosting maritime forums. Can you say what attracts people to come to Tenerife?


We have hosted at least one first class event a year since 2011. A very good example is the Seatrade Cruise Med event in 2016, which to be honest was a great success for all.

 We counted over 3,500 participants and around 180 worldwide exhibitors. An event of this magnitude can only be possible if there is a close cooperation between customers and institutions. That’s something we have been working on for the past few years and feel especially proud of our good relationships with customers.


Tenerife is a popular convention destination, thanks to its climate and extensive hotel capacities, together with superb conference centres which meet everyone’s needs. Also, with two international airports handling over 14 million passengers in 2016, we ensure quick and regular flight connections to over 160 European destinations.


I understand you are planning a Maritime bunkering forum in March 2018 can you tell us about some of the features that this will offer?

Basically, we want to show off the advantages of Tenerife as a bunkering hub. It’s true that we have gone through several supply problems in the past due to the removal of one supply barge, but we are starting to recover now this barge has been re-introduced. That resurgence is reflected by the figures. These show that tonnes of fuel supplied this year were up between 10-15% compared with the corresponding periods one and two years earlier.


We are still working on the conference programme, but it is likely we will seize this opportunity to speak about developments at Tenerife’s ports, the potential of the LNG as a bunkering alternative and the IMO 2020 regulations as well as other interesting topics.

We want to present Tenerife as the European foothold to do business between Europe, Africa and America, with great opportunities for investors and other industry operators within the bunkering sector.

Mr. Airam Díaz, Commercial Director of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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