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IBIA Africa:
Our regional strategy

Regional Manager Tahra Sergeant reports from the recent AGM

As the year steamrolled into the second quarter of 2017, the IBIA Africa branch recently hosted our annual general meeting at Webber Wentzel’s offices in Cape Town, South Africa. Whilst a small representation of the membership attended, it is always beneficial to get the feedback from our members and associate partners.

Patrick Holloway, Partner at Webber Wentzel and IBIA Board member took the members through the top line initiatives for the region as well as where IBIA Africa is heading. The region has gone from strength to strength over the past three years with the introduction of a dedicated Regional Manager and the appointment Patrick to the IBIA Board.


Top line strategy builds on the aspirations first set out by the Board for the branch three years ago:


  • To develop effective and transparent communication with our members –  In establishing a local office, members have access to information and supportwhere and when required.
  • To be a conduit in addressing technical questions – Access given to the members via our Working Groups, and again we encouraged the local members to become active members of these initiatives.
  • Establish the Africa branch as a financially sustainable branch – Year-on-year the branch has financially supported itself, and increased membership via providing Forums and Training.

  • To ensure that we establish key networking opportunities for the industry.

  • Offer topical forums to address immediate areas of concern for the region – With the establishment of the IBIA Regional Forum programmes, regions have had platforms by which to engage both with many at once and one-on-one with the members. With a strategy for hosting forums in East, South and West Africa, IBIA Africa is able to engage more directly with its members in the various regions.

Patrick Holloway (Webber Wentzel Partner, IBIA Africa Exco and IBIA Board) Paul Maclons (Amsol Managing Director and IBIA Africa EXCO Member)

We also presented the plan for the next 12 – 18 months, which includes training in Southern, East and West Africa and a number of co-located events which will be announced on the IBIA website.


This brings us to our next Regional Forum. We had planned a forum in Sri Lanka in June; this is most likely moving into 2018. We are pleased to announce that IBIA Africa’s next Regional Forum will be in Tenerife the first week of October 2017. Tenerife enjoys a strategic location for many trade routes and has strong ties to West and North Africa.

This forum, to be jointly organised by the Ports of Tenerife and IBIA, will focus on:


Tenerife’s potential as a bunkering port and marine services hub
Regional supply trends Open forum for industry to engage with Port Authority and Government Further information on this forum will be available on the IBIA website, but please feel free to contact the local office for information.


IBIA Africa strives for open engagement with its members, and over the period of the next few months we have asked members to give constructive feedback as to industry developments and potential membership growth in the region. We are a community working together and look forward to a successful future.



Should you require any further information

regarding the Africa events contact:

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IBIA Regional Manager

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Email: tahra.sergeant@ibia.net

Thulani Dubeko, (TNPA), Wilhelm Wasserman (FFS Refiners) and Ntokozo Hlatshwayo (TNPA)

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