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First quarter flies by at IBIA Asia

The IBIA Asia office had a very busy year in 2016, and 2017 is shaping up to be another very active year, Regional Manager Simon Neo reports

First and foremost, we welcome our new colleague, Miss Nur Atikah, who joined us in December 2016. After undergoing training by Miss Nadiah Binte Zulkifle, she will now be handling all matters pertaining to our training courses.

For 2017, we have started up a new one-day course aimed at the busy executives who want to know more about mass flow meter systems, how it works and its procedures plus processes. We are also continuing our two-day Enhanced bunkering Course which provides advanced knowledge and skills in the application of Singapore Standard SS600:2014 and TR48:2015, the technical standard to ensure that the correct quality and quantity of bunkers are being delivered safely and efficiently. Details are available on our website (http://ibia.net/training/) We kicked off 2017 with some training courses and meetings with members to understand their needs, before we closed the office for the Chinese New Year Celebration from 27 to 30 January.


In the first half of February, there were lots of CNY lunches, and not forgetting our training courses. This was followed by our quarterly dialogue session between the IBIA Asia Executive Committee and the Marine and Port Authority of Singapore. Lots of issues were discussed, including matters like the operational cost of bunker tankers, manning issues, problems faced by the bunkering industry and host of other issues.


On 17 March 2017, we held an event in Singapore together with the Methanol Institute and Lloyd’s Register: “The 2020 Challenge:

Where Fuels and Technology Meet Logistics.” This marine industry forum addressed options available to ship owners in efforts to comply with International Maritime Organization regulations to reduce emissions, with a focus on alternative fuels and technology.

IBIA Asia Chairman, Rahul Choudhuri, welcomed delegates,

while the forum speakers: Tony Regan from DataFusion spoke

about LNG; Bengt Ramne from ScandiNAOS spoke about methanol; and Dr. Prapisala Thepsithar from Energy Research Institute,

NTU spoke about scrubbers.


The forum was very well attended with around 120 participants, many of whom stayed behind to ask questions after the panel session.


As we go to press, IBIA Asia is preparing to host its Asia Gala Dinner, taking place on 27 April 2017 during the Singapore Maritime Week. IBIA’s new Chief Executive, Justin Murphy, will be in attendance. Together with him, we look forward to welcoming guests to share a night of toasts, good cheer and gourmet delights.


Simon Neo,
IBIA Regional Manager
+65 6472 0916

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