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Taking africa towards 2020

IBIA Africa hosts a successful 2020 seminar in Cape Town and engages the industry in facing the new reality, Regional Manager Tahra Sergeant reports

IBIA Africa has a long-standing relationship with Lawhill Maritime Centre. Both Justin Murphy and I spent the morning with the Grade 12 students in an interactive class covering the shipping industry and career planning. The class interacted in such an inspiring manner, one can only be positive for the future of maritime with these motivated youngsters entering into it.

By providing students with an industry-focused education in their last three years of secondary schooling (Grade 10 to 12), the Lawhill Maritime Centre at Simon’s Town School has, for the past 23 years, made it possible for hundreds of young South Africans to embark on successful careers in the maritime and other industries. While most of the students begin the Maritime Studies course knowing very little, if anything, about the maritime industry, after three years they emerge from the programme with a broad understanding and knowledge of the industry which greatly increases their prospects for post-school employment and/or admission to maritim e-related courses at tertiary institutions. See www.lawhill.org for more.


IBIA Africa’s seminar, “New Rules, New Fuels, New Era” was hosted by the law firm Webber Wentzel and attended by 85 delegates. The seminar covered the impact of the IMO’s upcoming global sulphur cap and addressed many of the questions raised by industry. Our speakers, Justin Murphy (IBIA CEO) and Neville Joseph (Regional Operations Manager, Intertek) took the attendees through the three aspects of what this legislation means: new rules – looking at how the sulphur limit will be enforced, and whether there is any leeway; new fuels – looking at what the options are for compliance, with more choices than ever before for ship operators to consider; and finally the new era – looking at the future of shipping and bunker industries as emission regulations become ever tighter.


The notion that still exists among some in the industry that the 0.50% global sulphur limit will be deferred was firmly rejected by Murphy. Industry will need to have strategies and plans in place to accommodate this change in time. With this in mind, IBIA Africa and our CEO spent the next day in a closed workshop working with members to further unpack and understand the scope of new fuels, requirements and enforcements.


Off the back of our CEO’s successful visit, IBIA Africa offers its members support and guidance through this process and will dispel the myths and fears on what the future holds and support our members with facts.


Coming up:
We will be confirming the date for the IBIA Africa AGM in October 2018, as well as a one day Bunker Course to be run at the same time. Please visit the IBIA website for updates or contact the Regional Manager directly.


Tahra Sergeant,
IBIA Regional Manager, Africa
Tel: +27 79 990 7544
Email: tahra.sergeant@ibia.net

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